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Audit Services

With a focus that's specific to your business and industry, our audit plan is tailored to your particular operation and reporting requirements.


So whether you're seeking additional capital, better terms from your banker, courting investors or just looking for ways to improve operations, you'll have information you can depend on to make educated decisions.

Your time is valuable and we recognize that an audit can disrupt your normal work environment. That's why our audit plans are developed with efficiency and relevance as top priorities. Procedures are completed quickly and with less disruption to your operations. Manian & Rao's audit services include:

  • Testing your records and procedures by examining source documents, observing assets and confirming account balances with outside parties. This enables us to express an opinion on the fair presentation of your financial statements.
  • Incorporating technology that seamlessly translates financial information from trial balances into integrated financial statements and analytical review schedules. This ensures statements and other reports are prepared, reviewed and issued in a timely manner.
  • Analyzing financial information with tools that can compare current information with prior periods to gauge progress, or can be used to benchmark with similar companies to gauge competitive position. Those results are then incorporated into a comprehensive management report, along with any other insights and suggestions uncovered during the engagement.
  • The firm is empanelled with Reserve Bank of India for conducting Statutory Audits of Nationalized Banks.
  • The firm is empanelled with The Comptroller and Auditor General for conducting Statutory Audits of Public Sector undertakings.
  • The firm conducts Statutory Audit of Public and Private limited Companies, partnership firms, Trusts, Sole Proprietors under with reporting requirements under various Statutes viz Indian Companies Act, Indian Income Tax Act.

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