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India Entry Strategies

India is now firmly placed as leading destination for business both in terms of a market destination as well as in terms of manufacturing or knowledge generation. Presence in India is now an imperative rather than an option for any company with global aspirations.

India Entry Strategies

At Manian & Rao we actively help companies plan and execute their India strategy. Overseas companies can draw upon our in-house expertise in the following areas.

Macro Economic Analysis and Market Viability Assessment: Asses potential that exists, market viability, economically and market perception.

Legal & Regulatory: Issues related to the proposed business, structuring of the Indian business, requisite approvals and clearances. Indian company structure, domestic and international tax implications. Applying for regulatory clearances from appropriate authorities.

Investment Methodology: Determine various options, assess benefits of licensing, joint venture, fully owned subsidiary. Identify a potential partner, assess strengths and weaknesses of the partner, orient yourself with unique processes and joint venture negotiations.

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