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An organization's governing board or audit committee has many important responsibilities.

In addition to overseeing the process of achieving its core business goals, the governing body is responsible for establishing an effective and efficient control system, establishing financial reporting policies and procedures, and creating a system of corporate governance to assure compliance with laws and regulations.

The internal audit function has long been an important tool to help fulfill these responsibilities, with its traditional mission of safeguarding assets and monitoring compliance with the organization's policies and controls. However, in today's fast-changing world, organizations are demanding that the internal audit function also create value, through cost savings, enhanced revenues, and improvements in operating efficiencies.

Are you concerned that your internal audit function is not keeping pace with the rapidly changing business environment? Does your organization seem unable to find the time and resources to create and communicate important goals and policies, and to monitor progress toward achieving those goals? Are you unable to initially hire or retain experienced internal audit personnel? If you said "yes" to any of these questions, then Manian & Rao can help.

We will help plan for and resolve all these issues, drawing on our in-depth knowledge of best practice in structuring and organizing effective Internal-Audit-function.


Manian & Rao can provide a wide range of internal audit services.

Here is a list of some of the internal audit services we have provided to our clients:

  • Internal control reviews and assessments
  • Process improvement reviews
  • Regulatory compliance assessments
  • Training for internal audit professionals
  • Asset/liability system reviews

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