We simplify complex process and navigate you throughout the process of bridging the gap between the Indian Standards and IFRS/IND AS.

International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) are well established accounting standards globally.

Ind AS reporting are to be followed by those companies following under the applicability or may be opted voluntarily. It is an irrevocable option post utilization.

Convergence means much more than a mere technical accounting issue, as it affects the day to day transaction recording and also brings in vital changes in the Financial Statements and disclosures.

The only constant in life is Change. IFRS /Ind AS convergence is one such change that brings in tremendous effect on the company’s routine.

Furthermore, weroute you through the road map, ensuring complete implementation of recent updates and developments in accounting and other disclosure requirements.

Guide you in the Challenges of:

  • Determining the applicability
  • Understanding, implementing and converging of standards
  • Compliance with the Income Computation andDisclosure Standards (ICDS)
  • Embedding the process, techniques and systems in the company to help it embrace the challenge.


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