We are dedicated to providing comprehensive tax services to individuals, corporates and other entities across India and globally as well.

Commitment and Expertise:

Whilst planning for the same we also assist you in tax proceedings of an international transactions, Interpretation of Double Taxation Avoidance Treaties, Planning a tax neutral pay structure for Expatriates. We provide a wide array of tax services that cover every aspect of your business and personal financial needs.

Anything well planned is half done

Tax Planning:

Manian & Rao's tax planning and consulting specialists deliver smart, innovative ideas that help you keep more of what you've worked so hard to make.

We focus on practical, value-added solutions to your tax problems. Our tax consultants specialize in making sense of the complex rules that often trap unsuspecting taxpayers.

Our vibrant team does it all - right from Tax planning to Tax filing. We provide ready remedy for all your tax concerns and quick solutions for all your complex challenges.

Personal Income Tax

  • Our vibrant team will you guide and assess your Income for computation and payment of taxes for all your incomes of salary, rental, capital gains, profession and other sources.
  • We compute your advance tax for all quarters during the year
  • Ensuring on time tax payments and filing of returns

Corporate Income Tax

We are committed to providing with a plan for tax-efficient profit extraction, while making the most of tax-free opportunities. In today's constant changes, amendments and updates in the statutes, many companies or Individuals do not even realize as to what they are eligible for.

We as your tax consultant are at your disposal for all the required assistance and service, wherein we focus on:

  • Utmost utilization of reliefs and other benefits.
  • Timely filing of returns and other assessments.
  • Grab the opportunities, exemptions provided under any law.
  • Wise choice of regimes or schemes introduced by the government, which right fits your business.

With Manian & Rao as your tax consultant, you don't need the advice of multiple professionals, for tax compliance, tax planning and tax litigation. We deliver all!


With the introduction of GST, the approach to do a business has witnessed tremendous change with promising opportunities for optimisation of tax and costs.

We provide a complete and overall services including:

We ensure compliance of relevant provisions, eligible credits and exemptions available for you.

  • Review of GST outward Supplies, tax rates applied, concessions, input tax credit claimed, available and utilised.
  • Review of procedural compliances including registration, payment of taxes, disclosure of ITC, carry forward of credits etc.
  • Review of Reverse charge compliance and abatement claimed including documentation.
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual computation and filing of returns.
  • Assessing the impact of GST on pending disputed cases and refund claims
  • Review of existing agreements and suggestions
  • Reviewing the systems with regards to process, procedures and documentation
  • We assist you in cross border GST transactions, while we advise on the GST implications and transactional issues.

Wondering how to get your refunds? We can help!

With an in-depth understanding of your services, we crack the intricacies in your refund approach and provide you with the feasible options tuned for your unique case.

  • Evaluating alternative modes and suggesting best refund option
  • Preparing and filing of refund claim
  • Assisting in all required documentation and follow up.


Taxation of LLP / Partnership firm / Trust

Our Taxation services for LLP, Partnership Firms and Trusts includes:

  • Assessing liability and tax payable by the entity,computation of income tax and filing of returns.
  • Assessment, computation and filing of monthly, quarterly and annual applicable returns under GST.
  • Applicability and computation under presumptive taxation
  • Minimum Alternate Tax applicability and credit availability

International Taxation

End to End Global Assistance

The hardest thing in the world to understand is the Income Tax

 Albert Einstein

But with Manian and Rao as your Tax consultant, it is well assured that this hardest thing is made simple for your better understanding. We provide you access to the best, audit, tax advisory and consulting services while we focus on the profit maximization and tax minimization of your business.


At Manian and Rao besides understanding you deeply we also guide you with better solutions that are assured, accurate and accredited. As your friendly neighborhood tax office, our cross-border and international tax services also include:


Cross Border Tax Advisory

We provide constant support and advices on direct tax issues arising on cross border transactions such as finance, treasury, ownership & Structure, company holdings and cash repatriations.

Our Services include:

  • Cross border M&A
  • Analysis of Multiple party treaties
  • Repatriation of profits
  • Payment of dividend across borders
  • Inbound / Outbound Investments


Transfer Pricing Strategy

International transactions amongst associated enterprises face increased documentation and compliance under the Income tax act and OECD guidelines.

We offer customized solutions in planning, developing and implementing price setting strategies. And also, exhaustive analysis and documentation of the study and report of the entity and it's comparable.

Our Experts also provide you assistance on both Advance Transfer Pricing (APA)Scheme and the Safe Harbour rule.


Master File and Country by Country Reporting (CbCR)

Complying with OECD Inclusive Framework on BEPS, over 135 countries are implementing Actions to tackle tax avoidance, improve the coherence of international tax rules and ensure a more transparent tax environment.

Master filing contains comprehensive information an details of all the Multinational entities group members including its global allocation of income and economic activity.

CbCR is part of the OECD's Base erosion and profit Shifting (BEPS) Action, wherein the amount of revenue, profits, income tax paid and accrued, employees stated capital, retained earnings etc. are to be reported while filing the same.

We file the relevant forms under both master filing and CbCR subject to the compliance under the OECD - BEPS (Base Erosion and Profit Shifting) guidelines. Our professionals also draft and draw up an extensive report meeting all perquisites under the rules and guidelines.

Tax Litigation

At Manian and Rao, besides planning, assessing and filing your returns we also proactively manage and prevent conflicts with the Income Tax department or authorities.

We represent you in front of the tax authorities throughout the entire flow of Tax litigation right form replying to the intimations or notices, drafting a response, approaching the authorities, counselling and re-counselling till solving the intricacies and closing the same.


The end goal of tax planning is to keep more of what you make

 Rod Khleif

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