Business Reorganisation - M&A

We bestow expertadvises in terms of M&A dealings of a corporate.

We excel in both buy side and Sell side Advisory.Besides Mergers and Acquisitions, we also Undertake Amalgamation and Demerger Services.

All types of transactions, whether investments, financing, acquisitions or disposals undergo tax obligations. Our customized approach towards your M&A transaction will navigate you throughout the transaction processes, tax and regulatory compliances of the same. We also ensure a right balance between the informed decision and theresults there of.

We carry all activities from preparation of the scheme, till representing before the NCLT.

Due Diligence

Anticipation of the future economic benefits and prosperity of the business resulted due to a significant transaction or commitment is essential for a business to flourish.

We perform Robust SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threat) analysis in our review, including analysis of:


Internal control, corporate governance


Commitments and contingencies


Complex tax rules and exposures


Related party transactions

Working together we’ll help you to identify, assess and mitigate the critical complexities that may arise due to the significant transactions entered, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of your valuable business decisions.

Our Due Diligence Review Includes both:


Acquisition Due Diligence


Vendor Due Diligence


In today’s dynamic corporate world, there is a requirement for an aligned, experienced and an independent Valuation Services. With the amount of experience that we have gained over decades, we provide you with the sound professional judgements and valuations.

Our Valuation services relates to:

  • Financial Reporting issues, like ESOP, goodwill valuation etc.
  • Restructuring and Divesting Solutions
  • Financial and Strategic management purposes.

Fund Raising

We provide you with specialist advice on fund raising programme, and provide total assistance on both the short- and long-term perspectives.

In recent years, we have also worked with multiple clients with discrete scenarios and unique requirements.

The Key issue on developing fund-raising options is the appropriate blend of the fund-raising portfolio and the industrial diversification. We mitigate the conflicts and arrive at the supreme blend, resulting in an increased future benefits to your organisation.

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