Valuation of Business is considered as one of the most complex exercise and an important tool measuring the actual worth of the business. Valuation plays a key role in fund raising, business acquisitions and mergers in determining the true and fair value of the business.

Valuation of Shares & Securities and Assets are mandatory under various statutes such as Income Tax Act, Companies Act 2013, SEBI regulations, FEMA, Insolvency /Liquidation process. Also Companies Act, SEBI and Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code mandates valuation only by a persons registered with IBBI as a registered valuer.

We at Manian & Rao Chartered Accountants, possess required qualification and valuation expertise providing valuation services for Business, Shares & Securities and Intangible assets as per the International Valuation Standards (IVS) and assist the clients in determining the true value of assets.

Valuation exercise is performed by our professionals who possess vast industry experience, understands business complexities and uses appropriate globally accepted valuation methods and techniques.

We provide valuation services which can be categorised into the following:

Valuation under Statutes:

  • Income Tax – Transfer of Shares and Issue of Employees Stock Option Plan (ESOP).
  • Reserve Bank of India (RBI) - Issue/ Transfer of Shares
  • SEBI- Listing, Delisting, Takeover Code, ESOP
  • Valuation under Companies Act
  • Valuation under Insolvency and Liquidation process

Valuation for Financial Reporting Under IND AS and GAAP

  • Purchase Price Allocation under Business Combination
  • Valuation of Intangible Asset
  • Valuation of Financial Instruments
  • Impairment tests

Other Valuation

  • Business Valuation for Acquisition/ Merger/Demerger
  • Family arrangements

Registered Valuer:

Name of registered Valuer CA RAVINRA C
Registration Number IBBI/RV/04/2020/13401
Asset Class registered for Securities or Financial Assets.
Registration valid from 29/09/2020

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